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Divorce Lawyers Toms River New Jersey 08753

The New Jersey Divorce Attorneys at The Law Offices of Jef Henninger have extensive experience with Toms River Divorce cases of all types. Divorce is a stressful and life changing event for divorcing partners, their children and the extended families involved. Our clients trust us to work in their best interest and to provide expert divorce guidance through the entire legal process, and we don't disappoint.

Free Divorce Consultation Toms River NJ

If you are thinking about a divorce or in need of immediate legal action to get your divorce started, our Toms River NJ Divorce Lawyers are prepared to offer you a free legal consultation. We strongly urge anyone in Toms River considering a divorce to contact us immediately for a free legal consultation. Every family is unique and every divorce offers different challenges based on your set of circumstances. A free consultation with our legal team will offer you a chance to have some of your divorce questions answered.

  •  How much will my divorce cost?
  •  How long will my divorce take?
  • Will I have custody of my children?
  • Is my spouse entitled to any of my 401k?

Divorce Mediation Toms River New Jersey

Divorce Mediation is usually less stressful and more cost effective than a contested divorce process. During divorce settlement negotiations there are many issues which need to be sorted out between the partners. Having an experienced mediator to assist both sides during the process of agreeing on the division of assets, debts, custody and child support is invaluable. Attempting to reach fair solutions that are acceptable for both partners can be aided immensely by an experienced Divorce Mediator. Another important benefit of Mediation is the amount of control and privacy that can be maintained throughout the process.

Collaborative Divorce Toms River New Jersey 08753

In the collaborative divorce process each spouse has their own attorney but they work together attempting to agree on a fair divorce settlement. This process is designed to allow the divorcing couple a larger part in the negotiation process. toms river divorce lawyers

Divorce Modifications Toms River NJ

The terms of a New Jersey divorce can be subject to modifications. A final divorce decree is intended to permanently determine the actions of each partner regarding all aspects of a dissolved marriage, but things change. Employment, relocation and income level are common reasons for seeking a Divorce Modification through a court order.

Same Sex Divorce Toms River New Jersey

When couples of the same sex divorce they encounter the same legal requirements as male/female couples. The division of property, child custody, financial support and other issues need to be legally settled. Divorce Mediation can be a viable option for same-sex couples when both partners are in agreement on most issues. The Law Offices of Jef Henninger has experience with LGBT Divorce and Civil dissolution cases.

Complex Divorce Issues Toms River New Jersey

Child custody, ownership of a primary residence and financial support are dealt with in almost every divorce case. Divorce involving the division of business assets, retirement plans, investment property and off shore financial accounts can multiple the complexity of a divorce. In these situations there is more at stake and your interests need to be legally protected. The Law Offices of Jef Henninger offers clients a skilled and trusted legal team that will always work hard for your best interest.

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